Sky Man and Other Stories

I have finally written the story that I referred to in A Gap in the Market. It’s the story of Lily and Sky Man. Lily is friends with Sky Man, an elderly alien who settled in her village many years ago after crashing to Earth. When Sky Man finds a way to return to his own planet, Lily has to come to terms with his departure.

I took the story to my creative writing class, to get some feedback. It was well received. One lady asked to take a copy home with her. My teacher suggested that I submit it to a publisher. Therefore, at her suggestion, my task for the summer holidays is to find a suitable literary agent.

I’m not sure if I’ll illustrate this story myself. I bought some water colour pencils and ink pencils at the weekend, as I think they’d be good media for me to use. I definitely want to draw Sky Man, to give people an idea what he looks like but I might leave the illustration of this one to a professional.

I haven’t yet read the story to my most vocal critics – Munchkin and my husband. They liked the other children’s story that I wrote so hopefully they’ll like this one. I think I’m having another idea for a story about a cat. Munchkin wouldn’t be a helpful critic for this one. She works on the principle that if a book has a cat in it, it must be good.


Obligatory Cat Picture

I need to get my act together and write a story for my village writing competition. The theme is “time” and I think I’m going to write a story for grown-ups. I sometimes read and write science fiction and I’m fascinated by time travel so hopefully I can come up with something. Entry is limited to people who live in certain postcodes so fingers crossed there aren’t too many good writers in my area!

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