Writing Update – Secret Agents

I haven’t done a great deal of writing in the last week or so, but I have a cunning plan. I’ve got a few blog posts in the pipeline, some for here and one or two for Worthing Mums. I still need to write the time slip story, and Harry’s Homes – the cat story, hopefully I can find time for both over the summer holidays.

I’ve been looking into competitions for picture books but have decided against the only three I’ve seen for the moment. The most promising of them requires a text of less than eight hundred words. The two I’ve written so far exceed that and don’t really lend themselves to editing. If Harry’s Homes comes out shorter, I might enter it. I’ve ruled out the other two competitions as one is only open to members of a society with a relatively high joining fee and the other is for ethnic minority writers. My grandfather was Indian, but I think that’s probably stretching it a bit!

Therefore it’s back to Plan A, of finding a literary agent, for me. I’ve started to do some research. I’ve concluded that I need someone who is well respected in the industry but doesn’t represent too many big names. I suspect that the more big names someone represents, the more exclusive they’re likely to be. I think I’ve found someone. Her portfolio includes a writer and illustrator who is fairly local to me, and I like the way she presents herself on her website. I don’t want to name any names in case I change my mind. My next steps will be to look up some of her other authors and search for feedback on her. If all goes well, I’ll be making a submission quite soon. I’ll let you know how I get on!

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