Parlez Vous Français?

We’re just back from France, but this post isn’t really a travel blog, it’s more about teaching languages to children.

We stayed at Camping St Gilles, near Bénodet in Brittany. We booked through Eurocamp and I’d definitely recommend it. I might write a review and/or travel blog post at some stage but I’m not much of a reviewer. I’m still traumatised after receiving hate mail from an elderly guest house owner, after leaving a mediocre review on Trip Advisor. Apparently, I ruined her summer! This was six years ago, and I think I deleted my account in the end – not before reporting her for abuse of Trip Advisor.

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Munchkin is fortunate enough to start learning French in Year 1 at school. So she’ll start at age five, as opposed to age ten or whenever it was I started. I have an ‘A’-Level in French but my vocabulary is terrible. My husband has a GCSE, and his is even worse!

We want to help her learn and are pleased that she’s showing an interest and asking how to say things in French. Here is our plan to help her learn.

  1. We’ve bought some French flash cards.
  2. She wants to start going to a Saturday French group.
  3. My husband is going to start French lessons. Unbelievably, the main adult education provider in Worthing doesn’t run French courses so he’s still looking for a suitable class.
  4. I’m going to read bilingual story books to her. Hopefully this will improve my French. The idea is that I’ll read the story in English, then repeat it in French.

I’ll let you know how we get on. What ideas do you have for helping children learn a foreign language? Please let me know in the comments below.

French flag photo credit: wisegie via / CC BY


5 thoughts on “Parlez Vous Français?

  1. What a great idea – it has always grieved me that we don’t take advantage of the main time our brains are attuned to acquire language – when we are very young – to teach foreign languages to our small children. As for your husband – this year there may not be French offered, but do watch this space – since the takeover, Adult Learning is definitely gaining a higher profile…

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  2. This is what I have done to aid my children. My daughter also likes languages so I have tried to help her, even though I am terrible!
    1. I have had foreign language students stay with me, being children themselves they like trying to help my children learn to speak their own language.
    The students main tip to me is to put Peppa pig (or whatever) on in French/ Spanish. It’s easily done on You Tube and it’s easy enough for the children to follow the story.
    2. I have used an app called duo lingo which is free and easy to use.
    3. A lot of baby ict toys (vetch/leapfrog) have a switch that you can change to French or Spanish that helps.
    4. Also the songs that they learn at school have a CD, which you will probably be given soon if you haven’t had it yet and they can access various online learning resources from school too.

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    • Thanks Fiona. Those ideas are great. My parents used to have a French student (the same girl on multiple occasions) stay. I was very young and didn’t learn any French but my mum spoke a lot of French the first time she came. I suspect my mum’s French was so good because she once had a French boyfriend! 😲 I didn’t realise school gave them a CD. The Saturday group she wants to try uses a lot of songs too.


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