Bloggin’ Hell! – ⚠️ Warning: Ranty Post Alert

I started blogging again around two months ago. I enjoy doing it, but I’m frustrated by the small number of views my blog gets. I’ve done all sorts of things to promote my site and increase views but none of them have really had the desired effect.

I try to blog at least twice a week

I was advised that once a week wasn’t enough to attract views and followers. Twice a week seemed a fair compromise given that I have a day job and I want to devote time to writing fiction and poetry.

I tag and categorise like mad

I categorise all my posts, add tags, and add alt text to images.

I share my posts on Facebook

My blog page has over 60 followers, which isn’t great, but it could be worse. My post reach is hit and miss. I paid £4 to promote a post the other day. It helped but not as much as I’d hoped. Perhaps I need to bite the bullet and pay £14 to promote my site for a week. I belong to a couple of bloggers’ groups. I get a few views from sharing on those, but nothing much. I tried to join some other groups but my membership never got approved, even though I completed the forms properly.

I share my posts on Twitter

I guess a Twitter following of around 60 isn’t bad when I’ve only been tweeting for a month. Unfortunately, hardly any followers click through to my blog. I use appropriate hashtags for creative writing and blogging, I think this attracts a few followers but they don’t seem to read my blog. I follow various bloggers’ pages that claim they’ll retweet if you tag them. I had my first retweet yesterday. Up until now, it’s felt as if there are some unwritten rules that they only retweet special people, and I don’t know how to become “special”.

I write for an online magazine

I write blog posts for Worthing Mums, because this gives me the opportunity to promote my blog. It gets me a few click throughs, but I’d love more.

Do you have any tips to increase my following? Please bear in mind that I don’t really have time to blog more frequently or read lots of tutorials, and I don’t want to spend lots of money on it. Perhaps these things take time and I just need to be patient. I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.

Photo credit: Cyclone288 via / CC BY-NC-ND. I know the image is a bit random, but the cat came up when I searched for “annoyed” on Foter, and I am a bit annoyed.


5 thoughts on “Bloggin’ Hell! – ⚠️ Warning: Ranty Post Alert

  1. Firstly – yes, you’re right… it takes a lot of patience. Given that you can’t blog more than twice a week, then spend a bit of time on WordPress reblogging articles you like to add some content AND earn the attention and gratitude of the authors. You can also visit other sites, like the content and follow blogs that you enjoy and are similar and tweet their content. It isn’t a quick fix – it’s taken years for me to build up my following – but that might help things along a bit…

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    • Thanks Sarah. I’m just getting to grips with reblogging. I’ve only just worked out what the reblog button is for! I already do your second suggestion, though could do it a bit more. I’d quite like to take part in a meme but have yet to find any that lend themselves to the content of my blog.


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