Update: They voted with their feet #kidsshoesinworthing

This is an update on the post, Voting With Your Feet, which was about the need for a children’s shoe shop in Worthing. Thank you to the 100 plus people who completed the survey.

With Jones running down their children’s stock, and Clarks kindly deciding to only make children’s sandals in F fitting this year, we’ve already felt the pinch – literally in Munchkin’s case – of Jones ceasing to sell children’s shoes.

I passed the survey results to Claire from Harmony at Home, and here is an update from her. In summary, she really appreciates everyone’s feedback and is still looking to stock shoes but it won’t happen this year.

I just wanted to get back to you on where I am with the possibility of stocking shoes. I would love to be able to do this and I really appreciate all the feedback and your help. The survey was so interesting and covers everything that I would want to focus on. Trained staff, good range of width fittings, variety and good accessibility for parents and children. I am going to pursue this further but it’s going to be a long process and one that I will need to review next year. As you know our business is still new to Worthing so we still have lots to do in terms of raising awareness of the shop with marketing and advertising etc.

After meeting with Start Rite it is clear there is a very big financial commitment. And that’s just with them, obviously I would want to stock other brands too. As well as the financial outlay space is also a big issue. I’ve spoken to suppliers and other retailers and all of them have told me that space is a big consideration. Everyone has recommended that you need almost the same space in storage as selling space. Something that is a possibility for us but again it would need a lot of planning etc. So I’m still very much working on it as a project but it’s certainly not going to be immediate. I just wanted to update you though because I didn’t want you to think I’d either forgotten or didn’t appreciate all the feedback and the time that people took when completing the survey. Any news at all I will obviously keep you updated!

Kind regards,

Claire x

In the meantime, those of us who can’t find anything suitable for our children in Worthing will need to travel to Hove, Haywards Heath or Lewes, where there are independent shoe shops stocking a variety of brands and width fittings.


11 thoughts on “Update: They voted with their feet #kidsshoesinworthing

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  2. She sounds a lovely person, who is trying to do her best for her customers. In the meantime, it is SUCH a shame that young children have nowhere to go to have good quality, professionally fitted footwear. We lost our independent shoe shop in Rustington last year:(.

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