For the first time in forever…

Sorry, I couldn’t resist quoting Disney’s Frozen. Anyone would think I was the mother of a little girl! This post is about things I’ve done in the last week or so, or am about to do for the first time:

  1. I had my highest blog views ever on Saturday, mainly down to this post about needing a children’s shoe shop in my home town. This is clearly something Worthing parents want, so I hope Claire from Harmony at Home can make it happen.
  2. I wrote my first ever guest blog. It’s all about my cat. After the picture I posted of her last week, I thought she deserved some redress. I’ll be sure to reblog after it goes live on 10th August.
  3. My first ever reblog is scheduled. Following a suggestion from SJ Higbee on my ranty post about lack of blog views, I’m going to reblog from time to time to increase the content on this site. The first post is about creative writing, but I’ll also include posts relating to parenting and other subjects covered on my blog.
  4. I was nominated for the Liebster Award for the first time. Before anyone gets excited and buys a new hat, this is a blogging challenge aimed at bloggers with less than a thousand followers. It works rather like a chain letter. I was nominated by Lisa, who has also just written a fab post about her epilepsy. My Liebster Award post will be coming soon.
  5. We survived five days without Munchkin – this is the longest we’ve ever been apart. She came home on Friday, having had a whale of a time with her cousin.
  6. I started my first ever submission to a literary agent, then I started procrastinating and I still haven’t finished it! Maybe tomorrow…
  7. I joined my first ever linky. In case you were wondering, this is where a blogger or group of bloggers invites people to share links to posts on a particular theme. The theme was #PostsFromTheHeart, and I shared my Gap In The Market post.
  8. We went to our local Italian restaurant for the first time, and are pleased to report that we’ll be going back.

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2 thoughts on “For the first time in forever…

  1. Congratulations on all your firsts – and many thanks for the shoutout:)). Very sorry for the lateness of the response, but my sister was rushed into hospital last Saturday after a severe seizure and I have been looking after the grandchildren as well as nursing her once she was discharged on Tuesday. Thankfully she is on the mend and the grandchildren are back home – but it’s been one hell of a week!

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