#ThrowBackThursday: Counting Magpies

I’ve decided to post a throwback post once a week. This will be either a blog post or journal that I’ve written at some point in the past. Some will still be available in the depths of the internet, others will have never seen the light of day before. Today’s is from my 2011/12 pregnancy blog.

Being pregnant makes me superstitious.  Is that normal?  My “new best friend” Heidi Murkoff doesn’t seem to have anything to say on the subject.  I’ve heard of people not wanting to buy things for the baby too early in case they “tempt fate” and I’m probably with them on that, but with me it’s all about the magpies (and I don’t mean Newcastle United).

It started last year, when I was about six weeks pregnant and waiting for a scan which would tell me whether my pregnancy was viable.  I looked out of the kitchen window and saw a magpie on the fence.  I’ve never seen a magpie in my garden before or since and the phrase “one for sorrow” sprung to mind.  I can’t say I was surprised when I was told I’d had a miscarriage at my scan a few days later.

This pregnancy, I seem to have spent a lot of time saluting solitary magpies.  Apparently you only need to salute the first one of the day, but it’s still quite time consuming.  Quite often, I’ve saluted a magpie only to find he has a mate.  Surely a good sign…”two for joy” and all that!  On several occasions, I’ve seen three magpies (“three for a girl”) together and once or twice four (“four for a boy”).  The threes outnumber the fours, and if I’m being honest, I’d prefer a girl so I’m hoping the magpies are right!

Last week I had my combined screening for Downs Syndrome, and was told I’d receive a phone call if I was high risk.  I knew I was low risk because I saw two magpies and a black cat crossed my path when I was on my way to work.

Well, I’m off to count magpies, avoid ladders, dodge the number 13 and not wear green.   I’m just glad that I won’t be having my baby in the same maternity hospital as my sister-in-law, where a tame magpie perches on the window sill outside the maternity ward every day.


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