Reblog: Sharing my favourite childhood books

I loved reading as a child. I always had a book on the go, and I read my favourites over and over again. Harry is 8, and at his age, and younger, I devoured Enid Blyton books in particular. I think my favourite series was the Adventure Series – The Island of Adventure, The Castle…

via Sharing my favourite childhood books with the children — Jennifer’s Little World blog – Parenting, craft and travel

I think this post from Jennifer is one many of us can relate to. I was also an avid reader as a child. I’ve kept many of my childhood books and am gradually passing them on to Munchkin as she becomes old enough for them. One of her favourites is Ming Meets the Farm Kittens by Audrey Tarrant. I believe it’s now out of print, but had charming illustrations, including some that children (first myself, now Munchkin, since I never finished doing it) could colour in. One of the first children’s novels that I read was The Railway Children by E Nesbit and I’m looking forward to becoming reaquainted with the story in a year or two.

Jennifer is an award winning blogger. I started writing for Worthing Mums, thanks to a link that she posted on a Facebook group a few years ago. She’s currently 199 in the Tots 100 parent blog rankings. Just for a laugh, I looked up my ranking. I’m currently 4247!


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