Writing Update: Submitting and Rejection

I’ve gone a bit off topic this week, with Facebook and bras, so I decided it was time for a writing update. I’ve done quite a lot of blogging over the summer. Although I wouldn’t say I have a blogging schedule, I now post a Tuesday Reblog, a Throwback Thursday – where I re-post something I’ve written in the past, and one or two other posts each week. I’m pleased that I now have over thirty blog followers and almost 200 Twitter followers. It probably doesn’t sound like much to the hard core bloggers out there, but I’m quite pleased as a few weeks ago, I had less than ten blog followers and about 30 Twitter followers.

I’m trying to get the whole week’s blogs scheduled in one go so that I have some time for writing stories. I really need to sit down and write the time travel story that I want to enter in my village’s short story competition. Before I know it, the deadline will have passed and I won’t have done it!

I submitted Sky Man to an agent a few weeks ago. It’s the story of an elderly alien who has settled on Earth but is now returning home. He is like a grandfather to Lily. She and her family must come to terms with his departure. I subsequently noticed that book blogger Read It Daddy had shared some posts about British publishers and agents having no interest in picture books with more than 600 words, including this one from Picture Book Den, so it was no surprise when I got a rejection email. The email offered no opportunities for feedback so I can only assume that the word count was the problem.

I emailed my very helpful creative writing teacher (who blogs as Brainfluff) and she came up with some good suggestions. She pointed out that the comments on the Picture Book Den post include details of publishers who will consider longer picture book texts. So Plan A is to look into submitting to some of these publishers. Plan B involves a rewrite but I’d rather not since I feel the story has the number of words that it needs in order to work properly.

Next week, it’s back to Creative Writing classes for me. That means I’ll have the opportunity to get feedback on my work and the option to do writing exercises. If I can get myself a bit more organised, I might consider dusting the cob webs off the novel that I planned but barely wrote. However, my writing priorities are the short story for the competition and my children’s stories.

If there are other writers reading this, how are things going for you? Have you had a productive summer or taken a break from writing?




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3 thoughts on “Writing Update: Submitting and Rejection

  1. I’m delighted that you haven’t given up on this project Simone, as I think the story is a delight – and I agree with you that it fills an important gap in the market. Loads of luck with your upcoming submissions:)

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